Professional attitude to employees and partners of the company is provided by high theoretical and practical grounding to deal with the wide-ranging of questions that can apply during the work at the case. Comprehensive work experience and high working abilities of employees and partners gives maximal effectiveness and fruitfulness for solving every complicated question.
Starting to tackle the clients’ problem, qualified specialist firstly will analyse and estimate legal solution of the case. If the solution of the problem doesn’t give explicitly positive result, office specialists wouldn’t give unjustified promises and wouldn’t imitate readiness to work it out just to get the order. It is admissible to defend the client using his finance in the same time knowing and hiding from client that positive solution isn’t possible.
The employee that works with the clients’ case will try to find the optimal solution and will suggest it to the client using all possible legal solutions.
Directly this approach to the client is a guarantee of high quality and uppermost criteria for professionalism of the office team itself.

Responsibilities and guarantees

The office takes responsibility for:

  • The task of the client will be done in spite of illness, mission or other reasons of the employee to whom the problem was delegated.
  • The management of the company regularly controls their employees in order to gather information about the process, realization and terms in which the order must be done. Client has rights to know the progress of his task, to deliver his wishes, remarks at every step of the phase. That can be done contacting specialist or company management by telephone, fax, e-mail, in written way or meeting specialist personally.
  • The management of the company can replace appointed specialist by other, if necessary confirming it with the client.
  • Client has rights to refuse from services provided by company and get back payment for amount of work what is not started jet.
  • Agreement that is signed between the company and the client determines office responsibility from the reward to client for looses that was caused by direct guilt of the office.
  • Office workers are not rightful to promise 100% positive solution of the case because these promises are not ethical for different previously unforeseeable circumstances or facts (which were not known or told by the client) what can partly or fully change the result. Giving this kind of promise employees can try to mislead client in order to get the advance payment and only after that go deeper in problems of the case.
  • The office maintains its reputation not using prematurely given promises. Prestige of the enterprise is built deliberative, responsible and by finding the most optimal solutions for the clients offered problem.

Principle of transparency for the client

Cooperation between client and company isn’t made by a traditional scheme “client-contractor”, but by using the mutual partnership in which both sides are enriched with the information finding themselves in incessant upgrowth. We help to improve the clients’ business and in the same time improving ourselves adding the experience. With this kind of methods every client is exclusive and important.
Office can guarantee to the client true and full information of the problem in time and offer the possible perspective solution. Company keeps the contacts with the client by telephone, fax, e-mail or using the courier previously arranging it with the client. That is done to provide client with confidential and fast information exchange.
Client is provided with the opportunity to contact leading specialist of the company at any time of the day. The information will be delivered right to the specialist who is maintaining the client in case of necessity.
Client has rights to address the management of the company assign other specialist to solve his problem. It is possible to use several specialists in the same time. Client has rights to receive detailed information from the management about specialist who is working on the case.

Reasonable and fair pricing policy

The aim of the pricing policy in the company isn’t to gain single, maximal profit, but the possibility to keep long-term, stable and diverse opportunity of services, what guarantee long-term stability of the company. The prices of the services are differentiated – depending on duration of cooperation, amount of manageable work – and also they are concretized with the client to be acceptable, reasonable and fair for both sides. Company gives the full information about the service prices – including information about expenses from the third persons.