Leja Law Office Legal Services

Leja Law Office provides highly qualified and professional legal services in following fields:

Contract law and litigation

  • consultations in conclusion of a deal;
  • various kind of contracts working out, supervision of executive process of contracts;
  • representation of a client in business/transactions;
  • controlling of debts, recovery of debts, assigning of debts, drawing up an offset;
  • drawing up guaranty – mortgage, guarantee, pledge;
  • buying and selling of a property – agreements preparation, representation of a client;
  • rent and lease of a property;
  • contracts of constructing designing and building;
  • executing bills of exchange, promissory notes and protest of a promissory notes;
  • recovery for damages, compensation recovery for moral damages;
  • disputes settlement by mediation or representation in courts.

Commercial law

  • preparing initial documentation of an enterprise;
  • registration of an enterprise, security of activity,
  • reorganization of an enterprise, liquidation of an enterprise;
  • right issues of a shareholder;
  • shares alienability contracts;
  • capitalization of enterprise liabilities;
  • competition law;
  • management consultations;
  • insolvency consultations, insolvency application draw up;
  • representation at creditors’ meetings;
  • representation in courts.

Financial law

  • working out documents for credit, leasing and factoring and consulting;
  • supervision of implementation of financial deals;
  • cession and novation contracts;
  • stock rights (shares, bonds, options, futures, investment certifications);
  • negotiations with investors, creditors, debtors, credit banks.

Tax law

  • tax consultations;
  • tax analysis, planning and optimization;
  • tax internal auditing;
  • preparing complaint about ordinance of the State Revenue Service;
  • representation of interests of the client in the State Revenue Service and in courts.

Labor law

  • preparing labor contracts, collective agreements, agenda regulations;
  • dismissal off work, reinstate of employees;
  • recovery of wages;
  • different kind of looses and debts recovery that are incurred at labour relation time;
  • representation employees/employers interests at labor unions, courts;
  • consultations in work safety;
  • consultations in social rights.

Family and Heritage law

  • marriage contracts preparing;
  • divorce documents preparing;
  • property relations in marriage;
  • processing of guardianship and trusteeship;
  • processing adaptation;
    confirmation of inheritance rights and other heritage objects;
  • consultations in family and heritage cases;
  • representation in courts.

Insurance law

  • consultations in insurance sphere;
  • preparing and correction of insurance contracts;
  • representing clients’ interests concerning insurance contracts at insurers and courts;
  • insurance remuneration recovery.

Intellectual property

  • copyright and neighbouring rights;
  • registration and defending of patents, trade marks and licences;
  • foundation and protection of other intangible assets such as franchise, know-how;
  • representation in courts.

Criminal law and procedure

  • preparing the application forms for police or prosecutor’s office;
  • representing clients’ interests at police, prosecutor’s office or courts.