Leja Law Office Accounting Services

We undertake to solve all questions that are related to accounting and offer complex legal & accounting services.

Using our services your expenses will decrease because:

  • it won’t be necessary to buy an accounting computer programmes;
  • it won’t be necessary to buy technical equipment and inventory;
  • accountant won’t occupy extra working space and that is how the premises maintenance resources for this place will be saved;
  • there won’t be a necessity for specialized security systems (video equipment, alarms and fire alarms) in order to save and organize accounting documentation;
  • there won’t be any necessity to hire accountant and pay additional State Social Insurance tax of 24,09% into country budget.

We offer:

  • computerized, systematized and demonstrative accounting in time;
  • salary calculation;
  • preparation of all necessary reports for State Revenue Service, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia and management of the company;
  • to calculate prospected financial results of the company and to inform the client in time, at the same time pointing to the most problematic financial indicators;
  • representing interests of the client in State Revenue Service;
  • consultations in accounting and tax questions;
  • internal audit;
  • services of certified auditor;
  • preparing income declaration of physical person and representing physical persons’ interests at State Revenue Service and in courts.


Price for accounting service is settled due bilateral agreement taking in consideration activity aspect of the client, number of accounting operations, number of employees and other factors.
It is possible to apply special reduction of price for the client if there is a complex agreement of legal and accounting services signed.